Welcome to Hive Urban Farms

We grow fresh food in the heart of cities using modern indoor agricultural techniques

Some words about us

We love using urban waste streams and turning them into a new, exciting product. Using modern indoor agricultural techniques, such as hydroponics, aeroponics and aquaponics, we can grow real, sustainable food that our customers are proud to serve.

  • Mission - To create sustainable food networks in cities that bring people and food closer together.
  • Vision - To localise food supply networks across the world and improve all aspects of the planet on our journey, to create a better tomorrow than today.
  • Customers - We offer fresh, high quality food grown year-round, all within a few miles of our customers.

Meet our founding team


Gareth Williams


Specialities: Mushroom production and Aquaponics


Dien Curtis


Specialities: Hydroponics and Aeroponics

Take a look at our products

Gourmet mushrooms

We are proud to produce gourmet oyster mushrooms, grown using waste coffee grounds from local restaurants, bars and cafes.

Leafy greens

Using innovative hydroponic and aeroponic systems, we can produce tasty leafy greens all year-round.


We can grow fresh herbs sustainably and locally to give your dishes that extra edge.


We plan to use our indoor farming systems to grow our very own hops and barley and brew the world’s first Hive Urban Farms beer!

Our network and advisors

Support us by ordering our merchandise

We want to spread the important message that growing real, local food is vital for the future of cities as far as possible. To support our part in the movement towards green infrastructure, please register to buy an item of Hive Urban Farms clothing and we will be in touch. Thank you!